Welcome to The Tinder Affair!

The Tinder Affair is a fanfiction of an Indian show – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. But the good news is you don’t need to have watched the show to read this story! 😀

Arnav and Khushi have been married 3 years. And they’ve been facing problems. Deadly problems.

Due to an awful disaster, they’ve both lost all attraction towards each other. What happens when these two silly idiots decide to join Tinder? Will they be gratified by someone else? Or end up gratifying each other once again?

Start reading their quirky story here.

And the credit for the lovely image at the top goes to a gorgeous friend of mine, Navika! She’s also the one who threatened me to write this story when I told her about my vague idea for it. A big thank you to her ❤


13 thoughts on “Welcome to The Tinder Affair!

  1. ^^^Now, I am sure you love me! Yayieee❤
    And as I’ve written on the India-Forums comment, I am so, so proud that you wrote this story. I know you don’t consider it your best, and I agree, but this is great practice for you to write a genre which is very different from what you usually prefer. Plus, it makes for an amazing read when you are sitting in public, getting bored, and then suddenly end up laughing out loud, because it gives people a head’s up that you are a crazy people into fanfiction and kink, and that you are friends with crazy people.
    Though, I am glad I encouraged you to write this, and I’ll continue to do that. Because I love this side of you, and maybe you too 🙄
    P.S. – I don’t do awesome banners for just everyone so…🐶

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    1. Can I jump and hug you hard? Because this has to be the day of your best comments! I’m glad you consider this my best because I know you dig this funny stuff.
      But how many people exactly HAVE heard you laughing like a maniac over this story??

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  2. LMAO Arnav figured Khushi is LOLA. But Arnav need not be kinky according to Khushi he could be anyone and cheating with someone else.

    Kinky and Lola ended too soon. I thought they will go on for sometime but Anjali as always interrupted even online romance.

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